Matthew Stafford Profile

Matthew Stafford’s Pure ARE Score

2010: n/a – sample size deficiency. Stafford injured his shoulder and underwent surgery during the season.

2009 10.41953
2011 38.63911
2012 15.02954
2013 20.47117
2014 24.42917
2015 37.23143
2016 35.68675
2017 46.8268

Matthew Stafford

An interesting character to say the least, Matthew Stafford’s numbers don’t seem too far off of the replacement value. Over his career, his high attempt values have increased his propensity for interceptions, outweighing his efficiency to a mildly above average level. However, he has posted declining pick numbers in five consecutive years, while his touchdown levels have remained somewhat consistent. The seasoned veteran is on the rise, so look for similar, if not better production from Stafford in the coming years.

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