Eli Manning Profile

Eli Manning Pure ARE Score

2004: n/a – sample size deficiency. Manning played on and off as the Giants toggled between Kurt Warner and Manning for the beginning of the season.

2005 15.7278
2006 14.93121
2007 12.72386
2008 26.76535
2009 29.65129
2010 18.09552
2011 28.91366
2012 23.89377
2013 8.305213
2014 30.98647
2015 35.08519
2016 21.55877
2017 18.24058

eli manning

In terms of pure efficiency, Eli Manning, as you can see, has been below average for the majority of his career. Some call him mediocre, but Manning has shown characteristics of less than that. The Giants have big questions when it comes to figuring out whether Eli Manning will perform each week.

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